Sandra Boynton: Good Night, Wake Up and Hugs

12:53 PM Posted by Erin Tales

Sandra Boynton is such an energetic writer that it is almost hard to imagine that she could write something that would settle your child down for bed. Or even write a love song dedicated to your toddler. But she did just that. Here are some of my thoughts on a few other must-have Sandra Boynton Books.

1. The Going to Bed Book: Aptly named, the Going to Bed Book follows a crew of animals going through their nighttime routing on a ship out at sea. When the moon goes down they take a bath, brush teeth, get dressed and ... exercise! It's fun and crazy. And although the writing is silly and causes giggles, my son settles right down to sleep when we are done.

2. Pajama Time: Why would they call them Pajamas, if you weren't meant to jam (aka Dance) in them? Whatever your pajamas may be; red, pink, old, new, fuzzy, striped, or even ugly - they are all made for dancing. And after pajammying to the left and pajammying to the right with your child, they have managed to get those last few wiggles out before settling for a good night's sleep.

3. Hey! Wake Up!: How do you and your children start off your day? With a wiggle of the nose, a touch of your toes, some shimmies, stretching and shouting? Well, that's how the Big Guys and Little Guys do it in this morning book. It's fun, vivacious and fin to read from morning to night.

4. Your Personal Penguin: Published in 2006, it is one of the newer additions to Boynton's board book collection. But gosh darn-it, it's a sweet story of a penguin that strives to do more than live in a land of ice. He has met a hippo that he likes a lot, since she is funny and kind. And all he wants to do is hang out with her night and day. A sweet story to read to your little one.

5. What's Wrong Little Pookie: Toddler's aren't known for being able to communicate. And it is captured by little pig Pookie in this story. The Mama Pig tries to find otu what's wrong with a crying Pookie, but Pookie won't answer so she resorts to Yes or No questions. Keegan loves reading Pookie's lines, a simple and high-pitched, "No!". First Pookie's mom goes through the simple questions - cold, hungry, hurt, lost a favorite toy, torn a new shirt, sick, tired or thirsty. Then she moves into silly scenarios that are intended to make Pookie laugh, for example flying green elephants takinghis cookies. In the end Mama is too successful, because Pookie can't remember why he is crying!

6. Snuggle Puppy: This is a love song for your baby! Keegan loves when I sing it to him, it doesn't matter if I am off-key or pitchy. A Mama Dog is singing to her puppy about why she loves him, as cookies bake in the oven. There are plenty of opportunities for your children to howl and you can sneak in a kiss or three!

I hope you consider buying or borrowing these Boynton Board Books. Tomorrow I will review the last six I own. They are books about farm animals, dinosaurs, monsters, birthdays, Bee-Boos and not being left out.
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