Gossie & Friends

6:15 AM Posted by Erin Tales

I love the books my son loves. When he asks for a book by name after I read it to him once, I know it is a winner. That was the case with these colorful characters. A few of the stories we read so far are:

1. Gossie - Gossie loves to wear her bright, red boots everyday. One day they are missing! Where could they be? Should she keep looking, or will her boots find their way back to her on their own - with a little help from a little friend.

2. Gossie & Gertie - Gossie wears bright, red boots. Gertie wears bright, blue boots. And they are best friends. Gertie does everything Gossie does - or does she? This little gosling has her own path to tread. Maybe bossy Gossie can benefit from following little Gertie. A great gift for a bossy older sister!

3. Ollie - Why won't Ollie come out of his egg to play? He has the attitude of a toddle, before he is even hatched!

4. Ollie the Stomper - Now that he is out of the egg, we can learn more about this little guy's personality. Loud, stubborn and very much a toddler. Gossie and Gertie help him along and try to keep him happy. A good book for children expecting a new sibling.

5. Peedie - Peedie is such a forgetful little gosling that always wear a bright, red cap. Until he forgets where he puts it! Oh no! Maybe if he remembers everything else he should have done, he will find his baseball cap on the way.

6. BooBoo - A blue gosling with an insatiable appetite for anything! Even bubbles are a "good food" to her, until it gives her some bubbly burps! A great book for your pickiest eater.

Other Gossie & Friends Books
1. Gossie & Friends
2. Gossie's Busy Day
3. Merry Christmas, Gossie

Publishing Information
Gossie & Friends books are published by Houghton Mifflin Company.
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